“hickory” timeglas | 3 min.

hickory Hourglass 3min. |  ヒッコリースリートラベラーズ   砂時計 3分

A funny faced hourglass from “hickory03travelers” in Niigata, Japan. This hourglass is made by one of a few domestic hourglass factory in Japan, designed by hickory03travelers.

Hourglass 80mm long, stand28x50x50mm / 50g

kr. 230,00

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Producer | 生産者

hicory03travelers ヒッコリースリートラベラーズ (Niigata, Japan)

hicory03travelers ヒッコリースリートラベラーズ is a Niigata company who works with local craftsmen for their creation. Rooted in Niigata, their products are well designed so that contemporary customers can see the traditional local handcrafts with new point of view. Since 2001.


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