Craft-U pitcher

Craft-u Water cooler |  クラフトユー 湯冷まし

This hand-blown glass water cooler is a must-have if you would  like to brew your tea with lower temperature. Works also as a tea pitcher. Heat-resistant.

*This is a handmade item. Please understand that the each shape differs.

W140×D95×H80 / 150g / 300ml

DKK 230,00

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Producer | 生産者

Craft-u クラフトユー (Niigata, Japan)

Craft-u is a small family glass workshop that is founded by Mr. Tokuma (see the second picture) in 1991. All of their works are hand-made with Borosilicate glass; a heat-proof material that is often used for chemical and medical experiments. Fascinated by the material, craft – u is making their works by burner, all by hands.
Therefore each of their work is unique , and because of the material they are very strong. Perfect for enjoying the color and the leaves of your tea in your everyday lives.


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