Yuichi Romita teacup | awayuki glaze | medium

あわゆき湯のみ ロミタ優一

Handmade yunomi teacup by Yuichi Romita in white-grey awayuki (‘light snow’) glaze.
Light and elegant, with a soft and gentle touch almost like freshly fallen snow.

Holds up to 170 ml.

Please note that shapes and glazing textures may vary as each teacup is made by hand and thus unique.

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About Yuichi Romita | ロミタ優一について

”Handmade, one by one. Slight variations in size, shape, colour, and surface are inherent to the process. I hope you will embrace these small differences as characteristics that give each piece individuality and character, making them all the more lovable.”

Yuichi Romita is a young Japanese-Italian potter traditionally trained in the Nanban Yakishime style of unglazed wood-fired pottery in Karatsu, Japan. During a period of four years, Yuichi studied as an apprentice under Nakazato Tarouemon, the 14th generation of an unbroken line of family potters dating back to the late 14th century.

Earlier this year, Yuichi moved to Skælskør in the south-western part of Zealand, where he has developed his own interpretation of Nanban Yakishime by combining his experiences from the apprenticeship at Karatsu with his current position as artist-in-residence at Guldagergaard.

One of Yuichi’s innovations at Guldagergaard is the bright あわゆき awayuki (‘light snow’) glaze, which is applied to the finished clay body mixed and thrown by Yuichi himself from a combination of Danish and German clay. The Awayuki glaze is characterized by a comfortingly soft surface and a slightly cooling white-grey play of colour that is uniquely expressed on each individual cup.

Producer | 生産者

Yuichi Romita

Origin | 産地

Skælskør, Denmark

Measures | 寸法

Capacity: 170 ml

Dimensions: Ø80 x H50 mm

Weight: approx. 107 gram


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