Tsukigase Sencha-hōji | Natural farming | 2013

月ヶ瀬 煎茶焙じ茶

2013 vintage roasted ichōka Sencha from +80 years old Zairai tea trees grown and produced by Tsukigase Kenkō Chaen in Tsukigase, Nara.



Description | 詳細

Combining an ichōka withering step with long-term storage and a light roasting of the leaves after their spring harvest in May 2013 bestow Tsukigase Sencha-hōji with a uniquely aromatic and complex semi-oxidized character with certain Oolong associations.

The body sensation is very soothing, warm, and reminds us of the high age of the Zairai tea trees, their depth of roots, and natural vitality – sown from seed and grown completely without the use of pesticides and fertilisers.

The tea trees | 茶樹

Cultivar: Zairai (local variant of the tea tree grown from seed)

Age: +80 years

Elevation: 250 masl

Shade: none

Fertilisation: none

Cultivation method: natural farming and certified organic (read more about organic and natural farming here)

Harvest: may 2013

Production method | 製茶方法

Steaming: medium (chūmushi)

Roasting: lightly roasted

Producer | 生産者

Tsukigase Kenkō Chaen 月ヶ瀬健康茶園

Origin | 産地

Tsukigase in Nara, Japan


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