Tsukigase Hōjicha | Organic | 2018

月ヶ瀬 焙じ茶

Organic Hōjicha from the late spring and early autumn harvests of 2018 grown and produced by Tsukigase Kenkō Chaen in Tsukigase, Nara.

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Description | 詳細

Tsukigase Hōjicha – technically a roasted Bancha – consists of large roasted leaves as well as a significant amount of stem and twig material from the late spring and early autumn harvests of 2018. Brewed at high temperatures, they offer a naturally mild and uncomplicated, but at the same time highly aromatic, earthy, and sweet everyday tea with a distinct sense of warmth coming from the final roasting.

Due to the nature of the Bancha-material and the subsequent deep roasting, Tsukigase Hōjicha contains very low amounts of caffeine making it suitable to enjoy at any time of the day.

The tea trees | 茶樹

Cultivar: Bancha-blend of different cultivars

Age: unknown

Elevation: 200-300 masl

Shade: none

Fertilisation: fallen leaves, straws, and other vegetation from local plant growth as well as non-GMO rapeseed oil cake

Cultivation method: certified organic (read more about organic and natural farming here)

Harvest: June 2018 (from tea fields Umegaya and Horikoshitōge 2) + October 2018 (from tea field Yamanoshita)

Production method | 製茶方法

Steaming: medium (chūmushi)

Roasting: deep roasting

Producer | 生産者

Tsukigase Kenkō Chaen 月ヶ瀬健康茶園

Origin | 産地

Tsukigase in Nara, Japan


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