Seiryūgama teacup | large

青龍窯 汲み出し茶碗

Hand thrown kumidashi teacup from the Seiryūgama kiln in Yamagata, Japan. Zansetsu glaze.

Holds up to 240 ml. May be used as a large teacup as well as a smaller tea bowl for Matcha.

Please note that shapes and glazing textures may vary as each teacup is made by hand and thus unique. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding the product.

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About Seiryūgama | 青龍窯について

Seiryūgama kiln, today run by Ryūhei Niwa and his daughter Mayumi Niwa, has for five generations crafted unique and functional ceramic works deeply rooted in regional materials and local craft traditions. They continue to produce all clay by themselves from local iron-rich soil and use their own glaze which they call 残雪 Zansetsu, ‘remaining snow’. A reference to the white winter landscape of Yamagata, or perhaps a hint at early spring?

Producer | 生産者

Seiryūgama 青龍窯

Origin | 産地

Hirashimizu in Yamagata, Japan

Measures | 寸法

Contents: 240 ml

Dimensions: 95 x 55 mm

Weight: 150 gram


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