Matcha Tokiwa | Organic | 2022

抹茶 常磐

Chiran Nōen’s finest matcha delicately balancing natural umami sensations with a sweet, slightly toasted touch from the final hi-ire firing of the mature tencha leaves.
Single-cultivar Okumidori leaves harvested during the spring harvest in May 2022 and carefully stone-milled by Chiran Nōen themselves.
wakame soup – baked chestnut – dark chocolate


Description | 詳細

Tokiwa is Chiran Nōen’s finest grade of matcha, suitable for both ‘thick’ (koicha) and ‘thin’(usucha) tea. Its pure expression of the Okumidori cultivar results in a carefully balanced sense of natural umami and a refreshing, spring-like sweetness with little to no bitterness depending on style of preparation.

The gentle organic farming method employed at Chiran Nōen’s tea fields provides the tea leaves with a naturally mild taste profile after harvest. Tokiwa’s maturation period as tencha since its spring harvest in May 2022 in turn adds new layers of body and depth, while preserving the original spring-like freshness of the Okumidori leaf.

The moment Tokiwa comes into contact with a preheated tea bowl, a rich aroma is released from the tea, carefully stone-milled by Chiran Nōen themselves, reminding us of baked chestnut and dark chocolates. The fine green matcha powder subsequently whisks into a vibrantly verdant and velvety tea with a well-balanced umami structure and patiently lingering aftertaste with a warm, gently toasted touch. Tokiwa represents as such a fine example of a high quality matcha grown in accordance with organic farming methods – still a rarity to come across today.

Tea trees | 茶樹

Cultivar: Okumidori

Age: 10-40 years

Altitude: 150-200 masl

Shade: covered 20 days before harvest

Fertiliser: homemade, fermented organic fertiliser made of by-products from the local fishing industry and agriculture

Cultivation method: certified organic (read more about organic and natural farming here)

Harvest: May 26th 2022

Production method | 製茶方法

Steaming: medium (chūmushi)

Maturation: matured as tencha until August 24th 2023, then carefully milled into matcha using traditional granite stone mills

Producer | 生産者

Chiran Nōen 知覧農園

Origin | 産地

Chiran in Kagoshima, Japan


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