Kumo no nami | Natural Japanese incense | Kogadō


wave of clouds
A timelessly tranquil yet gracefully uplifting fragrance of pure Indonesian agarwood, reminding us of the expansive autumn sky.
Created in traditional Kōdō (incense ceremony) style with natural ingredients only.
Comes in a cardboard tube or wooden box with Japanese washi-papir. Contains a total of 5 or 60 incense sticks made from 100% natural materials.


Description | 詳細

Kumo no nami is part of Kogadō’s Ama no umi-series, which – in addition to the natural binder – consists exclusively of pure incense woods of the finest quality. The crafting method of the Ama no umi series is thus reminiscent of the traditional Japanese incense ceremony 香道 kōdō as one experiences only the pure fragrance of the unblended incense wood.

Ingredients | 全原材料

Material: Indonesian agarwood (70%) and natural binder (machilus thunbergii, 30%)

Style: 100% incense wood

Measures | 寸法

Incense duration: approx. 40 minutes

Number of incense sticks: 60 pcs. (wooden box) / 5 pcs. (cardboard tube)

Length of incense sticks: 135mm

Producer | 生産者

Kogadō 香雅堂

Origin | 産地

Azabu-Jūban in Tokyo, Japan


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