Kōtōdō Matcha sifter

江東堂 抹茶篩

Traditional fine-mesh Matcha sifter (matcha furui) produced by Kōtōdō in Chiba, Japan.

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Description | 詳細

Kōtōdō 江東堂 is a family-run Tokyo-based company with its production facility placed in Chiba prefecture, which has been producing high-quality tea equipment for four generations.

Their Matcha sifter is used to sift and possibly store Matcha tea briefly before whisking. The removable fine-mesh sieve makes it easy to sift your Matcha into fine and uniform particles, allowing the Matcha powder to better dissolve during whisking for a smoother bowl of tea.

Producer | 生産者

Kōtōdō 江東堂

Origin | 産地

Chiba, Japan

Measures | 寸法

Dimensions: 77 x 82 mm

Weight: 95 gram


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