Kamo Sencha Okumidori | Natural farming | 2022 | 50g

加茂 煎茶 おくみどり

Naturally farmed Okumidori Sencha harvested May 15, 2022. Grown and produced by Tokuya Yamazaki at Kamo Shizen Nōen in Kamo, Kyoto.

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Description | 詳細

No fertilizer, no pesticides, no shade before harvest, no hi-ire firing after, nor any sorting of stems – Tokuya Yamazaki’s sencha teas come close to being as natural and minimally processed as possible.

Kamo Sencha Okumidori was harvested on May 15, 2022 at Kamo Shizen Nōen at the Sugitani Hiko’o tea garden, which consists of 100% naturally farmed Okumidori tea trees. Okumidori literally translates as ‘deep green’, and the finely processed tea leaves clearly possess a darker green tinge compared to the same year’s Yabukita and Zairai sencha productions also from the hand of Mr Yamazaki.

Today, the Okumidori cultivar is often used for shaded tea productions such as matcha, gyokuro, and kabusecha, but its tea leaves – known to shoot late – thrive not least in full sunshine up to harvest, as Kamo Sencha Okumidori exemplifies. During multiple infusions, the leaves offer sweet sensations of dried hay and characteristic green notes reminding us of watercress and freshly picked green peas. A clear minerality is present in the cup, too, almost hot iron-like, testifying to the unfertilized but nutrient-rich soil conditions that characterize the tea gardens of Kamo Shizen Nōen.

Tea trees | 茶樹

Cultivar: Okumidori

Age: unknown

Altitude: 150-200 masl

Shade: none

Fertilisation: none

Cultivation method: natural farming (read more about organic and natural farming here)

Harvest: May 15 2022

Production method | 製茶方法

Steaming: medium (futsūmushi)

Hi-ire: none

Producer | 生産者

Tokuya Yamazaki at Kamo Shizen Nōen 加茂自然農園

Origin | 産地

Kamo in Kyoto, Japan


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