Kamo Gyokuro | Natural farming | 2022 | 30g

加茂 玉露

Naturally farmed Samidori Gyokuro harvested after twenty-one days of kanreisha shade in May 2022 by Tokuya Yamazaki at Kamo Shizen Nōen in Kamo, Kyoto.
A smooth and velvety tea combining refreshing floral notes with rich umami sweetness that naturally lingers in the mouth long after the final sip.

soya milk – scallop sashimi – sakura blossoms

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Description | 詳細

Kamo Gyokuro is harvested from a single tea garden of Samidori tea trees in Kamo, Kyoto, which – as always at Tokuya Yamazaki’s Kamo Shizen Nōen – is cultivated by natural farming methods (shizen nōhō) without any use of pesticides and fertilizers. The tea trees here are harvested only once a year, in the spring, and weeds are almost never cut back – except for once in the autumn.

The semi-wild environment is reflected in the finished tea which Mr. Yamazaki, as a matter of principle, does not subject to any final sorting step. Large and beautifully rolled emerald green leaves blend naturally with their stems and smaller leaf particles, providing us the opportunity to savour the entire Samidori leaf – a classic Kyoto cultivar.

The gentle farming method combined with this unsorted nature of the tea leaves bestows Kamo Gyokuro with a clean and natural form of expression. A mild, yet complex sweetness bring to mind the tastes of warm soy milk and scallop sashimi in a natural sensation of umami that is deep, but never heavy. The umami sensation gently coats the mouth and lingers patiently at the back of the tongue, while a brighter spectrum of floral notes, present not least in the nose, delicately complements the rich and savoury aftertaste, reminding us of sakura trees in bloom. Indeed, taking a sip of Kamo Gyokuro is almost like taking a small sip of spring itself!

Tea trees | 茶樹

Cultivar: Samidori

Age: unknown

Altitude: 200masl

Shade: kanreisha covering 21 days prior to harvest

Fertilisation: none

Cultivation method: natural farming (read more about organic and natural farming here)

Harvest: May 17th 2022

Production method | 製茶方法

Steaming: medium (futsūmushi)

Hi-ire: none

Producer | 生産者

Tokuya Yamazaki at Kamo Shizen Nōen 加茂自然農園

Origin | 産地

Kamo in Kyoto, Japan


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