Gokase Kamairicha | Pesticide and chemical fertiliser free | 2021

五ヶ瀬 釜炒り茶

Pesticides and chemical fertiliser free Kamairicha from Tessadō in Gokase, Miyazaki. Harvested during the first spring harvest of the year in May 2021 from 30-40 years old Zairai tea trees.


Description | 詳細

Despite its southern location in the heart of Kyūshū, the high altitude and mountainous landscape of Gokase village in Miyazaki prefecture bring with them surprisingly cool temperatures, especially at night. In fact, Japan’s southernmost ski slopes are also located in this particular area! The cool microclimate causes the tea trees to slow down their growth, resulting in lower annual yields but also patiently nourished and thus healthy tea leaves of excellent quality.

At Tessadō, only local plant-based fertilizing material is occasionally added to nurture the tea gardens – no pesticides nor artificial fertilizers used. The results are very honest expressions of authentic high-mountain Gokase teas harvested at approximately 600m above sea level that are naturally fragrant and refreshingly clear in taste profiles.

Kamairicha literally means ‘pan-fried tea’, and it is the most common form of green tea found in the Miyazaki region. By stopping the oxidation of the tea leaves through a pan-firing process, rather than the steaming method usually employed during green tea productions in most other regions of Japan, unique aromas as well as additional sensations of warmth are added to the cup. Gokase Kamairicha becomes in this way very suitable for enjoying during the colder seasons.

Tea trees | 茶樹

Cultivar: Zairai (local variant of the tea tree grown from seed)

Age: 30-40 years

Elevation: approx. 600 masl

Shade: none

Fertilisation: rape seed oil cake

Cultivation method: pesticide og chemical fertiliser free farming

Harvest: May 2021

Producer | 生産者

Tessadō 哲茶堂 under the leadership of Hoshikawa Tetsurō 干川哲朗

Origin | 産地

Gokase in Miyazaki, Japan


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