Craft-U glass teapot with brass handle | 500ml

クラフトユー ティーポット

Lightweight and elegant handmade glass teapot with brass handle and removable metal filter from Mr. Tokuma’s glass workshop in Niigata, Japan.
Contains up to 500ml.

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Description | 詳細

Craft-U is a small glass workshop in Niigata run by Mr. Tokuma and his son who specialize in crafting refined and functional glass works by hand in borosilicate glass.

The borosilicate glass is distinguished by being exceptionally sturdy while having very good heat retaining qualities, making it a preferred material for laboratory and high-end kitchen tools.

Production | 生産

Craft-U glass workshop under the leadership of Mr. Tokuma

Origin | 産地

Niigata, Japan

Dimensions | 寸法

Measures: 130 x 100 x 205mm

Content: 500ml


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