Craft-u Yuzamashi pitcher

クラフトユー 湯冷まし

Yuzamashi glass pitcher with an excellent pour made in heat-resistant and robust borosilicate glass. Handmade at the Craft-u glass studio in Niigata, Japan.

Holds up to 300ml.

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Description | 詳細

Craft-u is a small family glass workshop founded by Mr. Tokuma in 1991. All of their works are hand-made in borosilicate glass; a high-quality heat-resistant material often used for laboratory equipment and medical utensils. Fascinated by the material, Mr Tokuma together with his son continue to make their elegantly formed and highly functional works by hand.

Producer | 生産者

Craft-u クラフトユー

Origin | 産地

Niigata, Japan

Measures | 寸法

Capacity: 300 ml

Dimensions: 140 × 95 × 80 mm

Weight: approx. 150 gram


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