Chikumeidō chashaku | smoked bamboo

竹茗堂 茶杓 煤竹

Simple and refined hand carved chashaku Matcha scoop in increasingly rare susudake smoked bamboo from Chikumeidō in Takayama, Nara.

With their carefully balanced shapes and weighing in at only 3 grams, Chikumeidōs chashaku matcha tea scoops are always ultra-light and graceful to hold in your hand. Comes in a small cardboard box decorated with Japanese washi paper.

The susudake bamboo originates from kitchens and fireplaces in traditional Japanese homes, where exposure to smoke slowly hardens and deepens the color of the bamboo – a gradual process that often lasts for more 100 years before the carving into tea utensils begins. As the number of traditional homes and farm houses in Japan are decreasing, susudake bamboo is becoming increasingly rare as well.

Chikumeidō is a traditional family-run bamboo workshop that has been creating bamboo utensils for the Japanese tea ceremony for more than 500 years. Led today by Kubo Sabun, the twenty-fourth generation master craftsman.


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Measures | 寸法

Size: 185 x 10 x 3 mm

Weight: approx. 3 gram

Producer | 生産者

Chikumeidō 竹茗堂

Origin | 産地

Takayama in Nara, Japan


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