Azmaya kyūsu teapot, large | red

東屋 平急須 朱泥

Well-balanced Japanese hira-kyūsu teapot with fine-mesh ceramic filter in unglazed and iron-rich, red shudei clay.
Holds up to 300ml.

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Description | 詳細

Azmaya has been working on contemporary interpretations of Japan’s craft traditions since 1999 and is well known for their focus on regional techniques, local materials and close collaborations with local artisans.

Their large hira-kyūsu teapots are designed by Tetsuro Kaneko based on classic Japanese kyūsu shapes. The teapots are produced by Takasuke Tōen, one of the famous kyūsu factories in Tokoname, with a perfect fit between lid and body, good balance and a fast and stable pour, making them a pleasure to use.

Production | 生産

Production: Takasuke Tōen 高資陶園, Tokoname in Aichi, Japan

Design: Tetsuro Kaneko 金子哲郎, Arita-chō in Saga, Japan

Producent: Azmaya 東屋 | Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Origin | 産地

Tokoname in Aichi, Japan

Dimensions | 寸法

Measures: 175 x 133 x 79mm

Content: 300ml

Weight: 215g


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