Azmaya Kumidashi tekop | Hasami porcelain

東屋 汲み出し茶碗

Light and elegant kumidashi teacup in Japanese Hasami porcelain and natural ash glaze from Azmaya.

Holds up to 200 ml.

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Description | 詳細

Azmaya has been working with contemporary re-interpretations of Japan’s craft traditions since 1997 and is known in particular for their strong focus on regional techniques, local materials and close collaborations with local artisans.

Their kumidashi teacup is formed in Japanese porcelain from selected Amakusa pottery stone and fired with a natural ash glaze at Shiratake-gama kiln in Hasami, Nagasaki, located a bit further north. The raw material of the porcelain is deliberately left not too refined and exhibits therefore a warm and naturally varying texture that provides each cup with a subtly unique character. The bright ash glaze leaves a light blue-green tinge gently highlighting the coloured shades of the tea.

The rounded form and natural porcelain texture make the teacup sit comfortably in the palm of one’s hand, while the slightly curved rim softly catches the lips – a simple yet thoughtful design making Azmaya’s kumidashi teacups ideal for the daily enjoyment of one’s favourite Japanese teas.

Producer | 生産者

Azmaya 東屋 | Tokyo

Origin | 産地

Hasami in Nagasaki, Japan

Measures | 寸法

Contents: 200 ml

Dimensions: 88 x 55 mm

Weight: 105g


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