Tea Advent Calendar | 2022

Explore the depth of Japanese tea culture with this year’s Tea Advent Calendar, where we have gathered some of our most unique Japanese teas – with several of them never having been available before.
Each Advent Sunday presents two carefully selected Japanese teas from either organic or naturally farmed tea gardens – plus a special Christmas surprise. An accompanying text introduces each tea, its producers and recommended brewing method.
Contains a total of nine different teas, 105g in total.
Shipping and local pick-up in io is available from Wednesday, Novermber 23rd.

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Description | 詳細

Greet the festive season with this year’s Tea Advent Calendar full of rare and remarkable Japanese teas.

Each Advent Sunday presents two artisanal teas from a single small-scale Japanese tea producer, carefully selected for their ability to express regionality and terroir. A small text is included which introduces the story behind each tea and its origin.

All teas are exclusively grown by organic or pesticide- and fertilizer-free natural farming methods, and they represent a wide range of local styles and genres. Some familiar, others highly rare to come across – and with plenty of unique tea experiences to enjoy for both the curious beginner and the seasoned tea enthusiast.

Please note that shipping and local pick-up of the advent calendar is available from Wednesday, Novermber 23rd. Orders placed after this date will be made readily available as quickly as possible.



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